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How To Fix My Credit

Beginning Credit Repair – The Basics

If you’re one of the many asking “How can I fix my credit,” you might be thinking that you can just plunge right in and get started. Before you start working on it though, there are some things you should know.

It seems that everyone wants to know ways to “fix my credit now.” This is common: everyone wants to make things happen fast and the sooner you have good credit, the sooner you can start living life your way. The trouble is that if you don’t get started the right way, you might find that you’re in a bigger mess than when you started.

If you’re asking “how to fix my credit,” then you should get started with these steps:

First things first – make all of your payments in time.
Keep in mind that when you’re asking the question “how to fix my credit,” the first thing you need to do is make all of your payments on time. This means everything – car payments, mortgages, electric bills, credit card bills. Anything that you have payments on you need to be paying on time. This is the number one way that you can improve your credit score from this moment on.

You can make the process easier when you establish a budget and make sure to follow it. Often when people don’t have a budget in place it can be hard to make sure that monthly payments are made on time, so start with that.

Second – order a credit report
It’s important for people to know that it is not possible to “fix my bad credit now.” It is however, possible to get started as soon as you have your credit reports in your hand and the sooner you order them, the sooner you’ll be able to get started fixing your bad credit.

You don’t know what’s on your credit report until you have a copy from each of the three credit bureaus. The great part is that you can go online and get it for free once a year, so warm up your printer and get those reports.

Third – It’s time to dispute
For those that have been wondering “How can I fix my credit with this information?” It is now your turn. The disputing process is what can really start to help you see improvements on your credit report and score. The key is to be organized, so it doesn’t pay to haphazardly start disputing things on your credit that might be true.
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Start with the information that you know is wrong. Even if it’s just your address or last name, the credit bureaus are notorious for reporting incorrectly and it’s your right to call them on it. The next thing you want to do is go through everything on your reports with a fine tooth comb. Keep the good; it helps your score and highlight the bad.

Now you can begin to dispute.

Keep in mind that this is just an overview of the basics of credit repair, but it should give you a good idea of what you can expect. You shouldn’t be daunted by the process because once you start with it you’ll find that it’s easier than you think. So what are you waiting for? You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose.